Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Growing up in a family that puts great value on tradition, holidays throughout the years have had familiar and comforting smells, sounds, games, and jokes. With so much chaos happening in the world and in our lives,  Thanksgiving this year was a time to gather, reflect, mourn, remember, and appreciate.  Our first holiday without mom […]

The Tofu Taco Experiment

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I was determined to use up whatever we had before leftovers fill the fridge.  An inspection revealed tofu, broccoli, an avocado, and some cheese. So – what’s better than tacos!  Taco night is one of my favorites, for us or for a crowd, but I’ve never made a […]

Eggs in a Nest

While my family requires an event to occur three times before it is officially a ‘tradition’, this treat is sure to become a part of the holiday brunch rotation.  Last week, I read recipes for these little gems by The Pioneer Woman, Sunny Anderson, and Cooking Light.  Of course everyone has their own small tips […]

The Potato Leek Soup Experiment

I am VERY excited to write and publish this post, as these experiments reflect the way I currently approach the kitchen. I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘intention’ and ‘attention’ both in my moment-to-moment decision making and in my bigger picture hopes and dreams.  These experiments are one avenue for me to press pause, and […]

Warm Winter Lunch: Curried Lentils

Throughout the summer months I swear by Sunday meal prep which allows me to spend evenings outside.  With darkness now descending around 4:30, I’m keeping myself sane by researching and trying new meals.  This dish has become a lunch time favorite as it is filling, yummy, and can be easily made with whatever is found […]

My First Soup Swap: Spicy Roasted Tomato & Corn

Last week I received this email from a friend:   “Well, people, I am finally making it happen – the soup (swap) is on! Here’s how it works: make a pot of soup in advance of our meeting. Freeze single servings (about two cups) in quart size freezer bags. Simply label the bag with the […]

Meal Memories

Life is filled with fault lines, places where our framework shifts and leaves us forever altered.  Recently, I have found comfort within the kitchen as I plan meals for the upcoming week, finagle my way through preparation, anxiously hand the spoon to others for a second opinion, and undoubtedly need to reach over for some […]