Monthly Archives: December 2015

Taco Stuffed Peppers

This morning I went to a funeral for a dear friend’s wife whose body was taken by pancreatic cancer at age 42.  This poem, read at the ceremony, has been running through my mind all day.  As we enter 2016 I plan to keep these sentiments at the forefront of my consciousness. The Summer Day […]

Sausage, Kale, and White Bean Soup

This afternoon my husband and I returned from an overnight neighborhood scouting trip. While we would love to continue to live close to our current city, housing prices make that more unattainable with each passing year.  This trip also served as a welcome excuse to get out of town for an evening and explore a […]

European Cream of Barley Soup

When I think of the holidays, this is the soup that comes to mind as we have had it on our Christmas table for as long as I can remember.  This year I asked about it’s origin, assuming (incorrectly) that it came through Dad’s Ukrainian family.  Mom and Dad first made this soup as a […]

Curried Chicken Salad

This past weekend we kicked off the holiday season with our first Christmas gathering. Twenty two members of my mothers family gathered with my grandmother (Nana) in what we anticipate may be her last Christmas away from home (as her Alzheimer’s is progressing faster than we anticipated).   During her teenage years Nana dropped out […]

Turkey and Black Bean Chili

Chili was the first meal I ever served to friends at my own apartment, and as such, it has a special place in my heart.  In my 20s I was a nervous chef.  While there is much more to that story, in that phase of my cooking life I was focused on getting the recipe […]

Turkey Pesto Meatballs

While I wouldn’t say that I am a New Year’s resolution gal, I do appreciate the opportunity to re-center myself, reflect on how I am spending my time, and identify places where I need to pay more attention. Last year, at the start of 2015 we tightened our spending, as we were in the midst […]

Roasted Almonds

A quick post for a favorite weekly snack.  We make these every other week or so and enjoy a healthy and crunchy snack mid-day. Steps and Notes: Pre-heat the oven to 350 Lay raw almonds out on a baking sheet and spray them with oil Sprinkle them with lots of salt Optional: Add seasoning We […]

Collard Greens

Trust me that these tasted far better than this picture makes them out to look!  I first tried collard greens a few years ago when a friend brought them to our house for our first annual Friends Thanksgiving in 2011.  Each year we host a Thanksgiving with our friends on a weekend leading up to […]

Gram’s Roasted Chicken & the resulting stock

Tonight we were in the mood for some comfort food.  Not the kind that that is drizzled in cheese (though I am always in the mood for that…) but something that we could pop in the oven, and would unquestionably turn into a delicious meal. The first time we ever made a whole chicken, my […]

Basic Beef Stew

Enchiladas. Turkey Pesto Meatballs. Lasagna Roll Ups. Caccia Pepe. Stuffed Peppers. Chana Masala. Pulled Pork. Bouillabaisse. Corn Chowder. Pho. Stuffed Delicata Squash. Black Bean Burgers. Me oh my there is just SO much I want to make!  Where to begin? Throughout the week I am constantly building my ‘things I want to cook’ list. Then, […]