Monthly Archives: February 2016

Chickpea Gumbo

It was a cold winter February evening, just about six years ago, when I first tried this soup. Returning from an energizing music and dance festival in Manhattan,  all I could think about was getting home as fast as possible so that I could curl up in bed and lay low for the evening.  My […]

The Whole Roasted Cauliflower Experiment

Last week I made cauliflower puree, by experimenting with the new idea of steaming it in stock. The result was creamier than any cauliflower I’ve ever made! On that post, Laura at Feast Wisely left a note suggesting I also try roasting a whole cauliflower which I’ve never done. Man oh man, this is why […]

Hot Italian Sausage with Lentils

A few years ago, upon entering my 30s, I bought a journal in order keep a paper record of the books I was reading. It varies from book to book, but I usually document things like who gave it to me, new thinking it inspired, thoughts on the style or the genre, my desire to […]

Jalapeno Chicken Meatballs

Vacation in such a wonderful thing.  Over the last week (or so) I’ve been busy driving up and down the east coast visiting friends and family. We spent a few casual days in the New York City area where my husband and I each got to spend time with some of our best friends.   (Sidenote: if […]

The Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Experiment

  Quinoa for breakfast (such as this) keeps popping up in my life and it seemed about time to give it a go.  We are huge quinoa fans and regularly have it for lunch and dinner – in casseroles, as a side dish, on top of a salad, etc.   Without enough ingredients to truly follow […]

Garlicky Cauliflower Puree

Well… I’m sitting at my dining room table, typing this post, and waiting to hear if we have a snow day or not tomorrow as schools close in surrounding towns one by one.  I love that teachers and administrators have the same anticipation that kiddos do.  Keep those fingers crossed!    Now.. back to this […]

Lentils Monastary

Well, these last few days brought me an unexpected joy that coopted all of my attention after work: my dad found a cookbook that my mother had been writing on his computer!!  One of my initial reasons for starting this blog was to have a space to document my own experiments in the kitchen and […]