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Bacon Mac & Cheese with a Chipotle Panko Crust

Yes, this dish was as good as it sounds, and yes, we had it for dinner between TWO thanksgiving feasts! On Thanksgiving day we visited my sister-in-law’s parents. Friday was Snacksgiving 2017, which featured this here mac and cheese, and then Saturday was Thanksgiving with my fam.   Families and holidays can be filled with […]

Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy

It seems fitting that I post a meatloaf recipe on the eve of my mom’s birthday as it was one of her specialties and a dish that never disappointed.  Unfortunately, we don’t have an official record of her recipe as this was one that she always threw together with some meat, ketchup, bread crumbs, and […]

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Slice, wrap, saute, serve. What is easier than that?  This was the first time I’ve ever prepared this delightful appetizer and plan to keep it in the rotation.  It was impossible to mess up – particularly while distracted by family laughter and conversation!   As I’ve noted here before, my family LOVES board games.  Like, […]

The Steak Pinwheel Experiment

Be the reason someone smiles today. This past weekend my family gathered for the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing.  We have now taken a full lap around the sun and here we are, one year later. I sure didn’t think we would get here so fast and couldn’t have predicted the depth of […]

European Cream of Barley Soup

When I think of the holidays, this is the soup that comes to mind as we have had it on our Christmas table for as long as I can remember.  This year I asked about it’s origin, assuming (incorrectly) that it came through Dad’s Ukrainian family.  Mom and Dad first made this soup as a […]

Curried Chicken Salad

This past weekend we kicked off the holiday season with our first Christmas gathering. Twenty two members of my mothers family gathered with my grandmother (Nana) in what we anticipate may be her last Christmas away from home (as her Alzheimer’s is progressing faster than we anticipated).   During her teenage years Nana dropped out […]

Gram’s Roasted Chicken & the resulting stock

Tonight we were in the mood for some comfort food.  Not the kind that that is drizzled in cheese (though I am always in the mood for that…) but something that we could pop in the oven, and would unquestionably turn into a delicious meal. The first time we ever made a whole chicken, my […]

Thanksgiving 2015

Growing up in a family that puts great value on tradition, holidays throughout the years have had familiar and comforting smells, sounds, games, and jokes. With so much chaos happening in the world and in our lives,  Thanksgiving this year was a time to gather, reflect, mourn, remember, and appreciate.  Our first holiday without mom […]

Meal Memories

Life is filled with fault lines, places where our framework shifts and leaves us forever altered.  Recently, I have found comfort within the kitchen as I plan meals for the upcoming week, finagle my way through preparation, anxiously hand the spoon to others for a second opinion, and undoubtedly need to reach over for some […]