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Sesame Cauliflower Rice

Does anyone else organize their grocery haul as they load it onto the conveyor belt at checkout? Veggies – pantry – dairy – meat – other. Every time. Without fail.  This subconscious routine has made grocery checkout a far more enjoyable process and it also helps with putting everything away once home. Check out all […]

Basil & Parsley Pesto

With LOADS of fresh parsley this week I was excited to make a sauce that I could freeze and/or keep in the fridge a bit longer than the fresh herbs would survive.  After browsing through several recipes I landed on this one that was an equal ratio of basil to parsley.  I’m going to keep […]

Roasted Almonds

A quick post for a favorite weekly snack.  We make these every other week or so and enjoy a healthy and crunchy snack mid-day. Steps and Notes: Pre-heat the oven to 350 Lay raw almonds out on a baking sheet and spray them with oil Sprinkle them with lots of salt Optional: Add seasoning We […]