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Chickpea Gumbo

It was a cold winter February evening, just about six years ago, when I first tried this soup. Returning from an energizing music and dance festival in Manhattan,  all I could think about was getting home as fast as possible so that I could curl up in bed and lay low for the evening.  My […]

Warm Chickpea Salad

It is fitting to be posting this today as my friend who first introduced me to this salad celebrated both her birthday as well as her engagement party this past weekend!    Beyond this salad, she has given me so much more.  A few years ago for the new year, she sent this quote in a […]

The Hummus Experiment

Recently I’ve had a hankering for some new homemade snacks.  This post from Diane’s Blog convinced me that making hummus is a simple process and that I should give it a go – thank you! I followed this recipe directly, as I was intrigued by the fact that it was oil free.  The only shifts […]