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Asian Style Pulled Pork with Quick Pickles

Friends! I have made my first pickles.  Huge shout out to Laura at Feast Wisely and Twice as Tasty for their wisdom and for nudging me not to give up – these pickles were quick, easy, and a delightful addition to this sandwich. And, they were made from the first ever cucumber I grew in […]

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese (Post #50!)

  Wow. I am so proud and excited to be writing my 50th entry here on my Pantry Portfolio!  This has been a space for me to reflect, to document, and to meet many other wonderful folks from around the globe who share a love of food creation and experimentation. This afternoon we came home […]

Carnitas Hash Skillet

I was home from work today and had a strong urge for some comfort food.  With the end of the leftover carnitas in the fridge I figured it was the perfect day to play around and try making a hash. Last week, after making carnitas for the first time, Another Foodie Blogger gave me the […]

Slow Cooker Carnitas

Carnitas is something I want to have in my back pocket. With a busy week at work and a huge list of things to tackle around the house in the evening we went the slow cooker route tonight.  The Kitchn posted this great article touting the wonders of using the crock pot for carnitas. Didn’t […]